10 years ago I was bitten ..

10 years ago I was bitten by the bug – THE RUNNING BUG!

On a walk with my crazy pup, Ziva, I realized that 10 years ago this month I sucked it up and ran my first long distance race .. a full marathon in Kona, Hawaii. With little marathon training under my belt .. and never running more than a few 5k’s before that, I set forth to what I thought would be a relatively doable race. I can go back to the event like it was yesterday. The last 15 miles of the run I remember thinking in my head – when is this going to be over? Looking back I can feel the pain from not enough time on my feet, lack of proper hydration and fueling (not so great with the heat and humidity) and quite frankly being a little disappointed because in my head this was not the beautiful panoramic view I envisioned running the entire 26.2 miles. Nevertheless, I crossed the finish line smiling, crying and limping! Before I knew it I was ready to race again …

All those years, miles and lots of race t-shirts & race bling later, I’ve never really given much thought about my first running accomplishment. Maybe I’ve been so caught up in my current running abilities, or how I can improve, and planning my next race or 10 {road or trail .. still undecided}! It sure does feel good to know that we all start somewhere and the road to my inner athlete has sure come a long way! Cheers to the inner athlete in all of us and whatever road you’re on!

I’d love to hear about your first race … road, trail, bike race, first mile, 5k, 10k, half-marathon or full. Hearing others stories is always motivation and always good for the “sole”! –Y



  1. I love that! My first 5k almost 4 years ago is what introduced me to running! Crossing that finish line was what hooked me!!! I look forward to the day I can talk about my first marathon!

  2. When that day is here Steph .. I will be there cheering you on! You’ll do amazing!

  3. my first race was a thanksgiving day turkey trot almost 4 years ago. I ran it totally solo and had no idea what to expect or what I was getting into. I gave myself about 3 weeks to train and my only goal was to run the entire thing and FINISH! After that race I was HOOKED!! And the rest is history. Can not wait to do a Marathon some day….I think 2014 is my year!

  4. That makes me want to really get bitten! I’m just a walker hoping to one day become a slow runner….you inspire me 🙂

  5. Oh my friend Belina … give yourself more credit. You just did a half marathon & a 10 miler – with a half around the corner! Walk .. jog .. run … It’s all the same in miles. A mile is a mile anyway you map it out!! You’re amaze my friend!

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