On the hunt for some sweat, sun and beauty this morning .. somehow it always turns into a therapy session for me – thanks Christina! I love that I can hit one of my go-to trails in less than 30 minutes, today it was Horseshoe Bar. There were no horses this morning, but horse tracks {it’s a treat when we do see the horses}! We hit the trails at 6:30 a.m. .. and the sun had already been up for an hour! Seriously I’ve got to get up early enough to catch a sunrise run on the trails .. It is on my to do list for the summer!


I don’t have a race on the books until Ragnar Napa Valley in September. So over the next {way too fast} weeks it will be all about enjoying the season and my teens for the summer! Of course I will be running and strength training .. but if there are a few lazy days of summer .. I won’t mind!

I know, I know .. eventually I will have to get back into “training mode” for Ragnar .. but right now I want to pretend I can run a marathon distance in less than 24-hours {with no sleep, no showers, irregular meals .. and let’s be honest irregular potty visits TMI but true!} .. Yep, pretend like I can run it like I ran the 6 this morning on the trails!