A Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run — Race Giveaway!

Okay friends, I will be doing my first “mud run” .. and guess what!?!? I was just given an entry for a giveaway to a Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run ..


I’ve never done a “mud run” .. don’t get me wrong, I’ve run in the mud, but I’ve never done a run geared around it! So this will be an adventure — 3 miles and 10 mud-filled obstacles, and an epic mud bash finale! Woo-Hoo bring on the mud!

For me, I love to run, train, play and chat about fitness (.. and kids, running shoes, hubby’s, training schedules, housework, running skirts, recipes, laundry and races) with my friends. I find that working out with friends makes the actual act of “fitness” less like work and more like fun ..

So the Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run motto is so me – A fun run for women to get together and focus on friendship, fitness and did I mention FUN! Another awesome reason to run this race is that they are affiliated with some pretty great charitable partners link here


If you are looking for what is sure to be a good time .. Check out the Pretty Muddy Race Calendar to see which one you’d love to play in ..

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 12.33.47 PM

Share with me why you’d love to run and play in the mud (and which location you’d love to run in) for a chance to win a free race entry! The winner of the race entry will be contacted via e-mail by 3/17/14.

(*disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this race giveaway, all opinions are my own. Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run was kind enough to offer a free race giveaway in exchange for spreading the word.)


  1. I LOVE gettin down in the mud! In the truck in my boots or even barefoot, have you ever felt it squish in your toes??? 🙂 Takes me back to when I was a kid enjoying rainy days stomping in puddles on my way to school. This is SO up my alley and something id LOVE the chance to do. There’s so many races out there but none get me as excited as the mud runs lol 🙂

    • This screamed Naomi to me .. Good luck ;)! Boots & mud girly!

  2. I’ve never done a mud run – but would love to do an all women’s mud run!! Sounds like a blast … Of course Sacramento would be my location of choice. Hope I win!! 😉

    • Yay .. I think it’ll be fun Chandra!

  3. This would be so fun to run with you!!!! Love mud runs! Sac-town please!!!! Fingers crossed I win.

    • Woo Hoo Tammy

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