It has come to an end .. I’ve completed three weeks of sharing what I try to do daily .. #movenourishbelieve with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach with the Sweat Pink Community


Week 3

Day 15 – Practice Active Living Daily – Trail running with friends .. one of my favorite places to #sweatpink.

Day 16 – What Part of the Future Are You Most Excited For .. “I cannot see what lies ahead, but I have faith it will shine.”

Day 17 – Sweaty Favorite Workout – Ahhh .. a good jump rope circuit always leaves a puddle of sweat!

Day 18 – Short Term Goal – My short term goal is to run 1,200 miles this year with Run This Year. It’s a year long challenge .. and I am getting closer every day (as of today 790/1200)!

Day 19 – Favorite Healthy Snack – Trail cookies .. a little oatmeal, bananas, nuts and coconut oil, oh & chocolate – yum!

Day 20 – Favorite Lorna Jane – I was at the Launch Party for Lorna Jane in Roseville and picked up my first Lorna Jane piece!

Day 21 – Favorite Part of Active Living – For me it’s all about the adventure. The adventure of never knowing what I’m going to experience, find or see (all while living the Lorna Jane way) .. I also have great friends who love the adventure right along with me!

Even though the third week has come to an end I will continue to Move Nourish Believe and strive for progress and not perfection .. everything else will fall into place.