Change of (race) Plans .. and Focus (my real life)

Well it’s been 4 weeks since my first 50k and I LOVED IT (every single step, the hard, the sweat, the fun)! That feeling was like no other crossing the finish line. I had my mind set on finishing another just 6 weeks later .. but after an “easier” few weeks of recovery and maintenance mode training .. and a half marathon last weekend which I ran for nothing but FUN .. my heart just did not seem into another 50k {right now}. Whhhhaaatttt?!?


Hmmmm how does this happen with something you loved?!? I’ve had heart to heart texting convos with friends and they both reassured me that it was okay to not do it. That it was okay to feel that way (when in my head I was feeling, um guilty)! One of them said that it was even normal to be a little sad .. after a big race. They also reassured me that they knew I could finish it if I chose to run it .. and that I was strong, but, I liken it to a runners low after my runners high and can only wonder .. am I really strong, am I okay?!? I’ve also got to remember .. my body has been in training mode for almost a year .. coming off a marathon and a 50k in three months .. lots of miles and training (I need to listen to it!). I don’t ever want to burn out .. so I think the answer is yes .. it is okay!

So for the next eight months my vision is – to complete another 50k (thinking December) .. looking forward to running and completing the second and third races on a bling mission for a Cali Combo Medal from the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series, running for the fourth year the Ragnar Relay in Napa in September and a Ragnar Relay Trail to fit into my schedule as well (yay, I cannot wait). Next on my schedule though I have my first mud run, the Pretty Muddy 5k .. and I am sure a few more trail races and fun runs to sprinkle in here and there. In a few weeks I will be going to my first retreat, the Refresh Summit .. something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, I am craving a healthy balance of faith and fitness .. and learning to how to do it all (ha, or think I can)!

So as I sit and type all of the above (and read and re-read 20 times), no more feeling sad (or guilty) about it ..

It’s time to readjust my big girl running shoes .. and focus on what my heart is wanting to focus on – to gain more strength .. and become a more efficient runner .. focus on my real life .. become a more present mom to my rapidly growing teens, keep our household running as smooth as possible, to try new clean eating recipes for my crazy party of 4 and look forward to an amazing summer!

Today I am choosing real life .. one day and mile at a time (however it plays out)!


  1. I think that is a great decision! I think once you start to feel like your running is “work” and you are not feeling loads of “joy” – it is your mind, body and spirit telling you to cut back, redirect, take a short break… etc. I think it is normal and also think you should be proud of yourself for recognizing the need to make changes!

    • Thank you Steph ♥️ xoxo

  2. It takes GREAT strength to listen to your heart as opposed to your head. Sounds to me that you are much stronger than you realize!

    • Thank you Dawn ♥️ not sure why I didn’t see your response earlier

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