Chocolate, Mixed Berry and Vanilla Chai – Oh My!

I eat a plant based diet and when I was given the opportunity to participate in a taste test of  Manitoba Harvest Hemp Smoothie’s I jumped at the chance.



I was sent a variety pack of Vanilla Chai, Chocolate and Mixed Berry hemp protein smoothie powder to try. So over the last few weeks I’ve been whipping up yummy smoothies and smoothie bowls (a new favorite!) for myself and the family. I’ve had so much fun trying out new recipes I’ve had pinned on my “smoothie board” in hopes of breaking up with my same old smoothie habit. I’m happy to say I’ve found some new favorites!

My first sip of Manitoba Smoothie was with Vanilla Chai (LOVE!) – it was creamy, with just enough zing and the perfect pick me up on a crazy busy day. Vanilla Chai always makes me feel so “adult” for some reason – which is perfect for days when I don’t feel like it!



Now lets talk the lean and green of Hemp Seeds:

A few years ago when “hemp” was the new superfood, I will admit I was curious. However upon doing research (Dr. Google), rest assured, if you are including hemp in your diet you reap the benefits from the seed of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds have a whopping 10 grams of protein per ounce, making them a nutritional powerhouse, and a great alternative to animal protein. There is also almost three-quarters of your daily dose of recommended Vitamin-E and a third of your daily recommended dose of zinc in each serving. Hemp is also chock full of Omega’s 3 and 6. Each 30 gram serving of Manitoba Hemp Protein Smoothie has 15 grams of plant based protein and the addition of organic spinach, kale and broccoli. What did I tell ya, nutritional BAM!


Here is my new favorite thing to eat, a smoothie breakfast bowl. Mixed Berry blended with frozen black cherries, a half of a frozen banana, a hand full of frozen mixed berries, coconut oil (a little of the good fat!) and some ice. My Vitamix whips it up quick and thick – I top it with kiwi, fresh banana, dried coconut and almonds! Sit back and enjoy ..



After not feeling myself for a few months and having a few not so great races, I had some lab work done. I recently learned that my body is deficient in a few vitamins and minerals and my hypoglycemia is rearing its ugly head. I was also told that I have low HDL cholesterol. With all of these factors and with all of my endurance training and racing, it’s no wonder I haven’t felt quite myself. In each serving of Manitoba Hemp Protein Smoothie I know that I’m getting plant rich proteins, vitamins, minerals and omegas all found in that little superfood smoothie.With the addition of my Manitoba smoothies it is assuring I get a little more of the good stuff I need to keep my body running healthy and strong.

In addition to my review, Manitoba has offered 15% off Hemp Protein Smoothie products so you too can try out what I’ve been loving!

Head on over to Manitoba Harvest and use code:hempsmoothielaunch16

There’s even a chance to win a case of your very own. Share pictures of your smoothie creations, or flavors you love and tag with #hempproteinsmoothie and Manitoba Harvest. You will be entered to win a case of your favorite flavor of Hemp Protein Smoothie.

** I received a box of Manitoba Hemp Protein Smoothie kit for my personal use and review. All opinions at taste buds are my own. I’d love to see what you create in your blender!

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  1. Must try!!! That bowl looks so yummy!

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