Do Good .. Feel Good

Some days I don’t want to ..

▪️get out of bed
▪️do laundry
▪️make my bed
▪️think about making dinner
▪️give thought to my to-do list that needs attention

But on real-life days when I feel that way .. I try to remember that when I do good .. I feel good! This makes me want to keep it up! Yes, there will be “those days” .. but I will do my best to keep my “feel good” feeling going. It only leads to a happier me and I am sure my family appreciates that!

Today I got out of bed, had a good sweat, tackled laundry and dinner is on the stove simmering .. the to-do list still needs work .. but overall today is a feel good day!

What do you do to keep your Do Good .. Feel Good going?



  1. Love! 🙂

    To keep my do good started… and going… I need to START otherwise the ball doesn’t get rolling. 🙂

    • I hear ya Rachel .. Right now I’m on a roll! I have to ride it while it’s moving 🙂 Get it girly

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