Double Digits Pay Off ..

It’s been a while since I have done double digits on the trails ..

In April and June I did two very fun Rock N Roll Half Marathon’s along the streets of San Francisco and San Diego. I’m 2/3 of the way to the awesome Cali Combo medal! The rest of June I did very little running. It was actually one of my lowest mileage months in a long time .. less running and more enjoying the first month of summer. I’m totally okay with that!

Road running and trail running are so different for me. Today was hard but worth it ..

On the trails I’m not so competitive with myself (whew!!), trying not to stress about time or pace. Instead looking at how far away the bridge was that we started on .. or the hills we just conquered and looking forward to running down them! When it’s all done I feel accomplished and can say ..


Today started out with five miles sounding just right. Today I chose to go further .. push harder, knowing there’s always a pay off .. today the pay off was 10!


  1. Great job!

    • Thanks Steph and when I found out these 10 put me over half way to my 1,200 mile goal for the year .. I knew the pay off was worth it!!

    • Thanks Rachel

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