So now that I’ve put it out there .. I can’t stop thinking about my next running adventure .. Ragnar Relay in Napa Valley !

Have you ever run a relay style race? Here’s s a breakdown of how a Ragnar Relay works ..

Ragnar Relay is an overnight relay tackling 200 miles! There are 12 runners per team – caravanning in 2 vans with 6 runners per van. Each runner gets three different “legs” to run (various mileages), totaling the 200 miles as a team. Or you can be an extra-cool runner and run on an Ultra team .. 6 runners covering the same mileage! Dare I say one year .. I want to do this!! I can’t say it enough .. this race is so worth it every year! So much so that I will also be running Ragnar Trail at Vail Lake , as a Ragnar Trail Warrior, a month later in October! Yep .. trails and Ragnar .. the best of both worlds!


This will be my fourth Ragnar and it’s looking like it’s going to be the one that’s giving me the longest distance .. with a total mileage of 26.3 miles. Now time to work my (race/training) calendar – with just eleven weeks of training on the horizon (marathon distance Ragnar style-woot!) .. My easy summer training just got a little busier!

Time to find my “athlete” and run on ..