In all of my years as a “non-athlete”, I never wanted to run to the top of the Hollywood Hills to see the infamous sign. Well, today was the day! At the break of dawn the quest was on! With running shoes on, my sleepy teen girl & two nieces in tow, we ventured up to the hills, only to be greeted by the So. Cal gloom! No Hollywood sign in site. A fellow runner pointed out to me that straight ahead, behind the gray, it was there. I couldn’t even make it out. The girls jokingly said “we got up early for this?”! The view of the city – not covered in the haze – was beautiful … the trails that intertwined all around were amazing. If only I could discover every single one. Yes, I was disappointed … but I will be back – running up the hills in search of the great white letters … that never used to interest me .. but now I must see! -Y