I am a runner .. Not a racer

The end of July, already?!? My teens go back to school in a few weeks (what?!?) .. binders, books, pencils, paper and yearbooks to buy (again)! Didn’t we just start summer .. 7 weeks ago? Ahhh!

This means that fall is around the corner and race run season is fast approaching – yay! I love races! I am a middle of the pack runner, I am not fast, I am not slow .. so I say “run” while others may say race! I am okay with that (on most days). It’s what makes me, me .. and all the miles, sweat and the “I just did that” feeling worth it.

I am a runner ..

I train, I sweat, sometimes I want to push the alarm to snooze at 4:40 a.m., I run, sometimes I want to only run half of what I set out to, sometimes I yell at the miles and sometimes I run further than I planned to (and am so happy that I did). I run to cross that finish line .. I am a runner!


In a little over 7 weeks I will be running my first race of the season, Ragnar Napa Valley! Looking forward to all the miles and the crazy fun! I love the whole race experience and cannot wait to run them!


    • Thanks Jill 🙂

    • Thank you Rachel … Love knowing that I can run and not feel the pressure of racing {sigh, most of the time}. Trails have made me realize this ..

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