I Will “Run This Year 2014” … and not only in miles!

Happy New Year 2014! Wow, hard to believe that another year has come to an end. Why does it always seem to speed by?

I am not quite sure I have ever really made a New Year’s resolution .. and if I did, I am sure it didn’t last very long (seeing as it’s not even in my memory bank). With that — I chuckle! My memory at times seems to be as fleeting as the weeks of the past year! Just ask my teens and dear hubby!

It seems I always have the same “goal” — and that is to be in the best shape of my life. However, for me this year my goal will not only to be physically in shape, but spiritually and mentally as well .. and to be really present for this years journey. Oh yeah .. and to be really organized and on task – for this I ordered a “Life Planner” — because I want to finally “run my life”!

My road to becoming an “athlete” may have started out slow, but it has had very steady progress and is something I think about at least 10 times a day! Getting out there and running some days seems so easy .. and believe me some days not so much! For me running is so much more mentally challenging .. this I know for sure! I have made so many friends through the running community and this year I am looking forward to expanding my “community” virtually! I have taken the plunge and joined an on-line community running challenge perfectly titled “Run This Year 2014” – Head on over to http://runninghutch.com/runthisyear/ .. and see what it’s all about!

I ended 2013 on a great run note with the completion of my fourth marathon and began training for my very first Ultra marathon – a 50k in March! I look forward to many more miles in 2014 .. and I challenge you to Run This Year and as for me .. I will also run my life!



    • Ha me either Steph .. I did the km!!

  1. This is exciting! Also, planners are my favorite. πŸ˜€

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