Somehow life got in the way and all up in my head .. and my writing and posting took a nap, but my running and races didn’t!

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you can’t think about anything but going through the motions of day to day (and yes I will admit sometimes even just running through the miles to get them done, reluctantly)? Oh boy, I have the last few months. However, it’s time to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to run my life again.

Since I last posted, I am now the proud mom of a Senior and a Freshman in high school {wow really, how did I get that “old”?} and am looking forward to all the fun and crazy that comes along with a big year for both of them ..

and somewhere in between the clouds, I’ve managed to run 250 miles, finished a 205-mile relay, a half marathon and a crazy fun 115-mile relay on the trails (while camping)!

I’m looking forward to the fall running weather .. possibly another half marathon (eeek, 4 race weekends in 5 calendar weeks!), running to make my Run This Year 1,200 mile goal (not just getting though the miles, but loving them) and posting a medley of my race recaps and any craziness that happens in between!

I may not be all together, but I’m getting there. Time for me to wake up and pull the covers from over my head-in-the-cloud days ready to run ..