It’s been about 550 miles and then some ..

Since my last post my Salomon’s have taken me roughly 550 miles .. training for my second ultra marathon, Way Too Cool 50k, and then some. 

I successfully completed this feat .. and it was again a race of a lifetime (for me, a second race of a lifetime – is that even a thing?!?). Has it really been a year since I ran my first ultra (My First Ultra Race Recap)?!? When is the next one?!?

Life has been crazy busy with two teens in high school (and the taxiing for high school soccer, trap and skeet, Girl Scouts, volunteering and on and on ..)  and as for me I managed to squeeze in a fun trip to Salt Lake City, Utah to represent Ragnar Trail Relay – Tahoe

As for today .. it was a fun, way out of my comfort zone kind of day! To my surprise .. me in an interview with a local morning show and some of my best ruuning girls (aka mother runners) discussing all things trail!! I will admit I was a little star struck with Deirdre Fitzpatrick, who herself is a runner/trailrunner, mother, iron woman and just all around so nice!  Hmmm .. maybe we will meet again for an afternoon trail run! I can’t wait until it airs .. until then – I’ve got some miles to run (and taxi!).


  1. You are always amazing and continue to amaze me!!

    • Steph you are so sweet! Little by little getting goals done!

  2. Yvonne, you have a heart of gold! Thanks for having me today!♡

    • Oh Robin I feel the same about you ❤️. So glad you were out there today!

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