In the last three months I’ve been a busy mother runner (um, exhausted mother runner!) .. 

From Novemebr to April I trained to run my second and third ultras (my second 50k and my first 50 Miler – American River 50 Mile Endurance Run ) within a month of each other. Months and months, miles and miles and hours and hours on the trails with the best training friends and pacers. They pushed and motivated me when there were times I wanted to sit and cry instead of take one more step (truth!) .. for that I am so thankful. 

My running shoes have also been busy promoting the Ragnar Trail Relay Tahoe event, while working race expos, the REI Run Series and run clubs. The Tahoe event is going to be fabulous and a bit challenging all at once. Teams of eigth runners going 120 miles non-stop, relay style, all while camping  – run, camp, sleep .. repeat! 

However, the biggest thing for this mother runner is that I am now the proud momma of a high school graduate and brand new 18 year-old (with both of these happening on the same day – talk about feeling like you want to cry all day!). My first born is now registered for his freshman year in college for the fall and he has a smarty pants fairly new 15 year-old, soon to be, sophomore in high school sister (for real the last eighteen years have flown by!). Old Father Time .. can you slow down a bit, please?!? Actually Father Time what I really want to know is .. why do my miles seem slower than the years?!? 

Somehow training for my ultras and running the races seemed harder than giving birth! I jokingly said to a friend that I went into labor and had both of babies in less time than it took me to run my 50 miler (truthfully it feels like my oldest graduated faster than I ran it!). For this I’m not sure if I should be proud, laugh at myself or cry! Ha .. on the day of the American River 50 .. I know for sure I was crying .. too many times to recall. However, it’s one thing that I can say I did for myself (pity party and all) .. and no one can take that  away. That AR 50 medal hangs on my display in front proudly .. I almost want to put it in a glass trophy case with a light shining on it (cue the music and ahhhhhhh!!). 

The weeks, months and inevitably years are going to speed by anyway so I might as well enjoy the miles ahead .. hard, easy, fast, slow or crying! 

Happy running ..