Lesson Learned ..

I am training for an ultra, my first, a 50k on the beautiful trails.

This past Sunday I ran 10 miles and felt great .. so I thought I’d go out the next day and run a 20 miler I had planned with a friend. The 20 didn’t go as smoothly as the ten .. I started feeling it at mile 15. Between the trails, elevation climbs, the not-so smart 10 miles the day before and fueling I began to crash. I struggled to finish and made my way to the car .. where I wanted to just get home to shower and take a long nap! The feeling is horrible and this is not the first time .. but hoping the last.

Lesson learned (for me) ..

    Don’t run 30 trail miles in 24 hours (because I’m not yet a well trained ultra runner) .. hydrate and fuel properly before, during and after and you will feel amazing!!!

Today’s 18 miles on the trails were like night and day from my twenty miles. Not one time did I want to just “be done” or want to sit and scream! Yes, my feet hurt and I was ready for a shower .. but I finished strong and it made me see that I can and will cross the finish line.

So as I start 2014 and log my miles as I #RunThisYear .. I will stick to my detailed training schedule and proper fueling – all the while remembering that I don’t ever want to feel that way again! I only want to feel amazing as I cross the finish line! Go out today and run, walk, ride or swim your year – whatever you do – be amazing!


  1. You ARE amazing! Let us know when this is and where so hopefully we can come cheer you on! Love you Prima!

    • Thanks Ladd 🙂 I’d love to see you guys out there at the finish!

  2. Good lesson to learn . . . you will rock the rest of your training! So proud of you!!

    • Thanks Chandra 🙂

  3. Yvonne, you are AWSOME! Always my inspiration when I do my “little walks”; because you go out and do amazing runs and I go out and do my walks but you always encourage & celebrate me. Thanks for that! To me you are not only a great athlete but a great person.

    • Aww you are amazing … you inspire me as a friend and an athlete 🙂 You will again rock your next half a marathon friend!

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