Well May .. your first week zoomed by {as I knew it would}!

It’s already been a crazy few days of May ..

Things I’ve done so far … My first mud run, logged 22 miles and resumed strength training .. ouch {my body will thank me once the sore muscle ache goes away, right?}!! Oh yeah, and everything else in between ..


On Saturday, I ran in the Pretty Muddy 5k with some friends {and hundreds of other mud-seekers}! I had never done a mud run, so for that I was excited! I knew I would come out muddy .. but didn’t expect my clothes and shoes to feel like they weighed 20 pounds .. haha! Jumping over mud puddles, climbing mud covered fences (landing in mud) climbing under ropes through mud, and slipping down a huge slide .. you guessed it right into a mud bath! It was a great way to burn a few calories and most of all have fun while doing it! I’d love to do this with my daughter and her Girl Scout troop and our troop moms (I think the girls would love it more!). Since there was so much mud we knew it was best to leave our “cameras” (phones) in the car! So my always prepared friend, Rachel, brought an “old school”, as my two teens would say, disposable camera (um, this idea never crossed my mind! (Love her!) She kindly let me borrow this pic from the race course … Thanks Running Rachel! Having now successfully done my first mud run .. I can say I’d love to do it again, who can say no to fun, mud and running?!? I cannot wait to see the event pics .. oh boy these should be good!


Now onto what has been making me walk a little funny ..

At the beginning of the year I did a New Years Shred with Bobbi of NHerShoes .. and I absolutely loved it! So with summer literally just weeks away .. I knew it was time to shred again! This time it’s a Summer Shred – Eeeeekkk … the next 3.5 weeks of clean eats, sweat and tears (um, walking down the stairs) .. bring it on!! So far in the first 4 days of the shred … I’ve jump roped more than I think I’ve ever jumped in my life and my ever so dreamed about “mommy-abs” are feeling it!


The next few weeks of May are certain to fly by .. and I am hoping by then to say I can do more than 5 regular push-ups instead of the “girly-ones” .. not to have to stop and catch my breath after 50 jumps and have successfully run 100 miles or more (even when I don’t want to get up at 4:30 a.m.)! Yes, some days are chaotic, happy, painful and rushed .. living in the moment .. Choose Joy!