My Recap .. #activelivingchallenge week one

I love challenges, so when Fit Approach and Lorna Jane announced a new one I jumped on the challenge express ..

Although I wouldn’t call this first week so much of a “challenge”, but more fun and a great way to express and share photos of what I love.


Week 1

Day 1▪️ Favorite Summer Workout Move – I chose burpees because to me they pack a great all over one move sweaty punch!

Day 2▪️ Favorite Healthy Recipe – My green smoothie has been my summer staple .. the greens with ginger — yum! I love to start the day off right!

Day 3▪️What Active Living Means to Me –

Active living

Means that when I work hard ..
I am sore yet I feel accomplished
I have a better sense of my body and it’s capabilities
I can feel every muscle in my body moving
I can breath in and out freely
I can let my my mind be kind to my body
I feel strong ..
I can feel my body work for me the way it is intended to

.. I am living!

Day 4 ▪️ Favorite Place to Relax – For me it’s a nice warm bath with lavender Epsom salts. A great way to end an active, busy mom, wife kind of day ..

Day 5▪️ Snap a Workout Sweaty Selfie — Pretty self explanatory – who doesn’t have one, two or 20 of those to share!

Day 6▪️Moving/Working Out With Friends – This is what I love to do – sweating and moving with friends makes it more fun!

Day 7▪️Something You’re Grateful For – I am so grateful for this body of mine that gets up at crazy hours to go run for miles .. on adventures I’d never dreamed about before I found my inner “athlete”! I am also grateful for the friends that are just as crazy as I am and love these adventures right along with me.

I don’t necessarily sit down and think about all these things every day .. so I guess this challenge is just what I needed! I cannot wait to see what Lorna Jane has in store for next week .. bring on the daily challenges!


  1. I love this Yvonne!!! This is so awesome, seeing people who LOVE being active and healthy and don’t see it as a chore makes it more motivating to try and do the same!!!

    Keep it up you’re a total rock star!!!

    • Thanks Naomi 🙂 .. the more I make it fun the more I want to keep at it! Just like you and the Color Run . all fun!! So proud of you!

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