My year running (so far) …

In January I made a few (running) goals for 2014 ..

1. Run 1,200 miles (1,251.4 to be exact). I have been participating in #RunThisYear to keep me accountable and have found several others participating in the same and have admittedly been virtually, stalking eh, um .. following for some really great reading and things to put on my never ending to try list. I was also a featured runner recently by Kristen McLendon for Run This Year (read it here) .. this was so exciting!


2. Run an Ultra ✔️ (I successfully succeeded and am in love with the Ultra 50k distance!).

3. Be a stronger athlete (physically and mentally). This is always a work in progress, but I have made small steps (see #2, completed an ultra without going mental .. you can read about it here Ultra in Review).

4. Be consistent with strength training (this too a work in progress!), as I know it would drastically benefit #3

5. Run my life .. aside from the act of physically running, but doing my best to put my faith, family and household (laundry, endless dog hair, dust, empty picture frames, and yes sometimes dirty floors) first. Life as a busy party of four with a crazy extracurricular schedule – this is overwhelming daily!

As month three of this year comes to an end and a new month begins tomorrow .. I will continue to #runthisyear and #runmylife as best I know how! One mile, one day .. one adventure at a time! How are you running your year? I’d love to hear your goals and successes .. please share!


  1. I wrote about the same thing… reflecting upon my first quarter of 2014 and future goals for the next 3 months. Running is fun! 🙂

    • Rachel..running is fun! It makes me want to run away from my dust bunnies and laundry all too often 🙂 .. but I’ve come to the realization .. I have to run my life before it runs me! For your next 12 month goal .. an Ultra .. ha, just a thought xoxo!

  2. If the first three months of your year have been this great, imagine the rest of the year! You are on fire!

    • Thanks Steph 🙂 I’m feeling great about it!

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