As a busy mother runner .. I’m always looking for a new, fun .. and most importantly effective way to sweat – enter Gabrielle Reece! 

Gabby Reece is a (gorgeous) well known Women’s Beach Volleyball League star and fitness icon – and she’s got a new gig. 


When I was a few decades younger, I remember watching her on the sand and dreaming of her long legs, her athleticism and natural beauty. I had the long legs, but not quite the skill and grace that she possessed while playing any sort of sport. Volleyball (with my hand in the air) .. yep, just one of the many teams I tried out for in high school and never made. But there are no hard feelings volleyball – with a lot of hard work, and many years later, I am now a three time ultra runner and athlete!

Okay, now back to Gabby ..

She is known to women worldwide for spreading her philosophies on the love of fitness, good health and well-being for themselves and their family. All qualities I try to possess daily. She has recently partnered with 24 Hour Fitness and Lifeline to launch the new HIGHX training class. She is the creator of this new 50-minute high energy circuit training class designed to improve daily and overall athletic performance (can you hear me screaming .. I so need this class?!?!) It was created for all fitness and skill levels. I am hearing; perfect for the, somewhat uncoordinated, athlete that I am – winning!! 


I will be hitting a local 24-Hour Fitness in a few days to give this, what I am sure will be a butt kicking, class a try. Oh and I will be doing my best, (not so goofy -trying too hard), posing if I get a chance to snap a pic with Gabby herself! Ahhh!

The class is open  to club members and geusts alike on Sunday, June 14, 2015. Please call the 24 Hour Fitness Sacramento (916) 384-9555 for details.

Stay tuned for my full review of HIGHX .. I can’t wait!