Off to Ragnar Trail Summit I Go .. and A Little Getting Out of My Own Way

Sitting on the plane, headed to Salt Lake City, wondering ..

How, in just a few short months of starting my blogging adventure, did I get here? I am not quite sure. I’m off to somewhere I’ve never been .. ready to go do and be a part of something that I love .. it feels like a dream!

I’ve been so busy with my family and my teens, our everyday crazy busy schedule, the months have zoomed by. I am just a few months out from finishing my fourth marathon in December and went straight into training for my first Ultra 50K that is just over a week away! The training didn’t get easier .. just harder, with more miles and lots of hills — oh yeah, you guessed it, life didn’t slow down!

What I’ve realized – after my fifth 20-mile plus weekend of long, often times hard, running — and many, many running and text therapy sessions with friends – is that I will finish this race no matter what. Pushing and fighting through miles 18-22 of self doubt, where she likes to rear her ugly head – often times screaming! In my world I may not be the fastest .. or the most graceful when I cross that finish line .. but I will have done something that scared me .. and almost for certain I will be ready to sign up for another one within minutes after I’m done (yes, it’s craziness)! In all the hundreds of miles I’ve run in just a few short months, it’s not my feet or legs that are tired .. it’s her, self doubt, she has been taking up too much room in my head .. and I’m ready to send her packing! All the long hard hours of training and running for miles deserve it .. I just need to get out of my own way!


So where I sit now .. on a plane with a bunch of strangers .. is where I need to be. Heading into taper week with no long running and an easy training week ahead on my schedule. I get to go enjoy a new town and meet some new faces .. run or snowshoe in new places .. learn all about Ragnar Trail and take it all in. I am ready to get out of my own way .. and for all of this I am grateful ..


  1. Have been thinking about you all day, my friend! Words cannot express how happy I am for you-that you are finally going to let “her” go. You are enough, have always been enough and will accomplish anything you make up your mind to do. In that, I have no doubt.

  2. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of you and this morning I kept checking your blog for new pictures. A mom could not be happier for her sweet daughter to accomplish such a wondeful goal with a astonishing opportunity! Have fun!
    Run, jog or walk to your very best! You made it!


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