Ouch! Running break ..

Well it’s been 5 days of no running .. not my heads choice, but my body was saying {screaming} NO!! Towards the end of May, where I ran everyday for the month, I started to feel a little pain in my shin. I refused to listen to my body and continued to run and run and run. Three weeks later the pain was so bad I couldn’t take it anymore. I made the mistake and used good old “Internet M.D.” { .. not a recommended physician} and read that I could possibly have a serious injury – which in turn could have me sidelined for weeks! After the self-diagnosis freak-out, and visions of me missing summer runs and upcoming races, I decided to rest a few days. With the urging of running friends (and deep down knowing I should) I eventually went and saw someone who specializes in sports medicine. A few pokes, pushes and painful prods & screeching later, my pain was deemed overuse. My calf was actually the culprit not my shin .. running shoes rejoice! I was given the advice of ice, stretching (which I don’t do enough) and to use more of a jog, run, jog, run type of return to the road. This reads easier to do than I know it will be …

In my head I am either an all or nothing kind of gal .. so it doesn’t take me but a day or two to get all comfy and used to no early morning runs and lazy days of no gym. All the while knowing I should be cross training with yoga, swimming, cycling or weights .. so as to not relapse completely into my “not an athlete” type of life. Yep … none of that happened.

Enough was enough … and now my body was telling me I had rested just enough and was beginning to feel a little normal. Today I attempted an early morning run, jog, run return. It was a successful easy (although sluggish feeling) 4 miles with very little discomfort. Maybe it was that my body was ready or I was just excited to return to my outfit of choice – running skirt, tank and cheery bright kicks. No more “nothing” kind of days for me .. at least for now or until my body starts talking and when it does I will try my best to listen. Look out inner “athlete” it’s time to run ….



  1. Us runners are notorious for not wanting to be sidelined, so we keep going…never slow down…think it will pass…until our bodies YELL at us to rest!I I’m so glad you went in and so glad its over-use!!! HUGS!

  2. So glad you are doing better and that you took a rest! Amazing what a few days off can do!!!

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