Ragnar Napa Valley – Races Not Always Easy – ALWAYS FUN!!

Two days after Ragnar .. I am still feeling my Ragover! I’ve now done three Ragnar’s and every year it gets better .. not necessarily easier (more about that later)! For team Run You Over 4 Wine it’s all about a girls weekend ..12 amazing moms who love to run – ditching the kids (all 27 between us) and our hubby’s to run 200 miles relay-style San Francisco to Calistoga and way too many great stories to re-tell for one weekend!  

Our road to Ragnar began on Thursday evening with a little van decorating and the drive down to San Francisco. In our beds way too late for an alarm clock way too early Friday sounds crazy – especially since our team hit the start line at 6:30 a.m. – but it’s all for the sake of saying we did it and one of the biggest race medals I own! 

Each team has twelve runners, who run 3 separate legs, with miles varying from 3 -10 each leg. I was runner 5 of twelve this year and for me that meant more miles (yay!) and a change in scenic views from SF to Calistoga! Rain was in the forecast and Mother Nature didn’t disappoint — this was definitely a game changer in what’s typically a nice fall-like weather race. 

Every runner has their own experience and story .. great, bad or so-so .. sounds just like a day in the life of me. Here is my run story .. 

Leg 1 – 6.6 miles (9:34 a.m.) Running the streets and trails of Mill Valley – this leg started off through the busy city streets and climbed some challenging hills (2.5 miles worth) both road and trail. The top of the hill view was beautiful and worth the climb. 

Leg 2 – 9.2 miles (10:15 p.m.) Rain, rain go away .. not the way I wanted to run that leg! Already not feeling my best and the steady rain on the dark country roads made for an eventful run. Thankful for my teammates who were cheering me on and ringing that cow bell from the other side of the road — passing me tissue to wipe my eyes from the rain, a visor and a second headlamp to help with my night vision – I pushed through – not wanting to let them down! I was so glad when that leg was over .. and a few hours later my tummy was not having anymore of it – yep, about midnight I was outside of the van hunched over on the wet streets — losing it. One of the worst feelings .. ever! Some runs are just hard .. this was one of them! 

Leg 3 – 4.9 miles (9:45 a.m.) Some more rain .. along a trail of the Napa roads. Lots of geese, their poop, and wet runners — rain the whole leg! Running on tired legs (a not quite-right stomach) and soggy running shoes .. I was jumping for joy when I was done! 

Our team relayed for a total of 200 miles. I ran for a total of 20.7 miles and of that 14.1 miles in the rain. Wet, smelly, tired and sometimes frazzled – every mother runner rocked! Each race cannot be a PR .. but each race an amazing journey – and for our team in our heads always WINNING! The moment a race is done I am ready to sign up for my next – it’s kind of crazy and sometimes only runners know this feeling! I know my next Ragnar will be with the Ragnar Trail Series – and I am so looking forward to that – but on the books before that a few half-marathons, a 20-miler and a 50k – and of course Ragnar Napa #4! Bring it on … this athlete is ready!!

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  1. you are quite an inspirations and I was proud to be a part of your team!

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