Running .. Solo .. Thankful for Friends ..

I will admit I love to run .. with friends!

It’s funny to think that when I started running years ago .. I never ran with anyone. I would come home, change from work clothes to running clothes and run 5 miles, four days a week solo! Over the years .. discovering my inner athlete .. I’ve had many friends that have come into my life. So I’ve been lucky enough and planned my running and races to train for with my friends. These friends have ran with me, cried with me, trained with me, got up at crazy hours with me, definitely laughed with me .. and pushed me across so many finish lines. I cannot say thank you enough for them .. every single one! Some of these friends I may not run with any longer .. or even see very often, but they will always be a part of my journey.

This morning I tossed and turned and wanted to resist the sunlight .. but I knew that if I didn’t get up and run I would not do it later (I’d find chores to do, social media to play on, lunches to make). Today July 1st .. I got up and ran solo .. for the first time in a while! Well .. I say solo but I did take my sidekick pup .. she needs the exercise too!


The 2 miles, yes two, were hard .. but I went out and got it done. It’s time to learn to love the solo run again .. even if it’s just a few times a week .. and especially if it’s hard ! I know it’s not always easy, but always worth it! My journey started out hard and there are many more places I want to run .. I will love the journey!


  1. I do love running with others, but most of my runs are solo because I have to go straight from my front door when the opportunity arises. Enjoy!

    • I love spur of the moment runs .. I always feel so refreshed!

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