Signs of Making Progress ..

A few signs that I’ve had a good week ..

1. Sore muscles (good sore!) ..
2. Mileage right on track to meet my #RunThisYear goal ..
2. Full calendar pages tracking my daily progress ..
3. Books and pages read, notes in margins {re-reading ahead} ..
4. A bigger than normal load of workout laundry ..
5. A very lived-in clean picked up house ..
6. At some moments thinking I am on my way ..

Day by day .. making progress. One step forward and it’s okay if there is one step back. I am human .. I am a mom, a wife .. an athlete .. busy! I won’t let it break me ..

For the month of July I’ve been putting in the time .. there are no shortcuts to take .. with my aim of building endurance (stronger, leaner muscles would be nice) to carry me through the race(s) set out for me.


My races .. not only running races .. but the race we call life .. I will run it with endurance and love where it is taking me.


  1. Love! Slowly but surely we are making progress!! Way to go, mama! 🙂

    • Thanks Rachel .. chipping away .. 🙂

  2. What a good week. All the things on your list are wins!

    • Tiffany .. I didn’t see it that way .. THANK YOU .. I love WINNING 🙂

  3. Way to get it done!!!

    • Thanks Steph .. definitely hard .. but I’m determined.

  4. I’d definitely say you’re making progress! Love weeks like that 🙂

    • So do I Jill .. always makes me feel great! Gives me motivation to hit repeat

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