Snooze Button or Run …

I love to run and the earlier the better .. but there are some mornings when I’d rather hit that snooze button! Today was that day. The thought even crossed my sleepy-head at 4:30 a.m. .. just text the girls and back out!

I dug deep and made myself leave my warm, comfy bed to head downstairs. I will admit, seeing my running skirt, tank and brightly colored shoes all laid out ready to go made it a lot easier (well, slightly easier). Before I knew it I was dressed and headed out the door .. running feet ready — but not quite awake. On the eve of the first day of summer, with the sun rising as we ran, I chose to get up and run … even though my head was saying no!!!! In the end mental battle vs. snooze button … I won!

Sometimes we have to remember to choose to find our inner “athlete” when we least want to find her!


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  1. Nice run today!!! Those early runs are rough, but having all my clothes laid out and knowing I am meeting some amazing mother runners makes it so much easier to not hit snooze (more than once anyway).

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