Well it’s the second week of August and my two teens are back at school. It’s hard to believe, but we are back into the swing of normalcy .. early morning wake-ups, ironing clothes, school lunches made and mom’s taxi service resumes. Summer zoomed by – with four back-to-back weekends away from home the very last weeks .. and very little running in between.

By early July I was still feeling my “overuse” pain in my shin .. a result of my “inner-athlete” shining through January-June. In my head I had earned that pain .. racking up the miles along the way. I was able to finally reach a few goals I had set for myself that had been taunting me like a carrot dangling in front of a rabbit – or in runners tongue a new personal PR finally met! They may not be “Olympic” worthy .. but in my world it was huge! That’s what matters right?
Today, I will admit my running shoes (road & trail) have gotten a little dusty .. but I did begin to incorporate some strength training by way of T25. Knowing that strength training will benefit my love of running — this can only help (brain are you listening to me?)! 
Deep down .. what am I afraid of? I’ve started from the beginning before .. it always come back and it seems that when it does my taste for being an athlete increases. My feet will remember what to do – my spirit and mommy-hood will benefit .. and I am sure my pup Z will be so much happier too! Now it’s time to head out and find it .. 
How do you get back into the swing of things? What do you do to find “it”?
I’ve got a list of races and adventures waiting for me! Stay tuned to see what it’s store …