Title Nine / The Fit Fest (pssst .. giveaway time)

On Wednesday I headed to Berkeley and entered my first Title Nine store – ahhhh! I had seen the catalog and ooohed and ahhhed over it for years but never anything more ..

As a  Sweat Pink Ambassador, I got an invite to their blogger Fit Fest. The Fit Fest was all about the girls and finding that right sports bra (women we all know how hard this can be!). I had never had a sports bra fitting .. and boy do they know the sports bra business and have every kind of sports bra you could dream of!  

I know I haven’t been running in great sports bras and when I did my last ultra it was evident. I wanted to take mine off at about mile 35 of fifty and throw it off a cliff! At mile 40’ish there was some serious bio-freeze action going on all around the sports bra band area (I have the best friends who signed up for that bio-freeze job – uh-huh for real!).  When I entered the store I was welcomed in by Molly and Amy, I called Amy The (sports) Bra Whisperer. Amy asked me my bra size and what I was looking for in a sports bra – me thinking I just don’t want to curse at it or tear it off during my next ultra! Amy knew exactly what I needed and she sent me into a fitting room with a stack of beauties (I will admit I typically get the boring colored sports bras because of my size, but not there!). She assured me that once I found the right one my “girls” running life would never be the same and I think she might be right. I tried on six different sports bras and found one that was it! I took it out for a bouncing, jumping test run .. on the in-store trampoline. How cool is that? They have a trampoline, jump ropes and a bouncy ball for you to test ride, er jump, the sports bras! I jumped and kicked and jumped some more and seriously the girls did not move!! And for me the winner was the Moving Comfort Juno Bra .. with a way cute grayish print (love it!).

 You too can get in on the fun! The Title Nine Fit Fest is here with several locations to  choose from. If you’ve never had a sports bra fitting I recommend visiting a Title Nine store and taking a few out for some jumps! 

Title Nine is graciously letting me host a giveaway .. for your very own perfect sports bra!! To enter I’d love for you to leave me a comment below on why you’d love a new sports bra and be sure enter the giveaway using Rafflecopter below!

Happy running .. or in this case no bouncing!


I received a sports bra as a gift to review .. All opinions are my own. Title Nine knows what every athlete (and their girls) needs! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I know all about the bio-freeze! I think I need one of those bras for the twins! Ha!

  2. I desperately need a new sports bra! The ones I use are old and worn out only because I cannot find a new one that works!!

  3. While the bio-freeze can be the bomb, it’s always post-run. However, a bra that actually supports the girls as opposed to attempting to band them down like they don’t exist sounds amazing, would love that!

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