After our Thursday morning of taking in all things Ragnar Trail and Salomon .. it was back to Salt Lake City. We boarded the train and watched the rain and clouds cover the beautiful mountains. But that didn’t matter because we were headed to RUN .. rainy skies and all!

We hopped off the train .. checked into our hotel and headed out for a run. We ran on beautiful city streets and up muddy trails .. we ran through Salt Lake City in the pouring rain and I took in the views, as best as I could. The snow capped mountains that I had seen on the plane on my way in were now hard to see. The trails were muddy, but so fun to be out exploring a new place with new runners. I so wish it hadn’t been raining, snowshoeing was on our agenda but with the weather it didn’t pan out. This just means I will have to return and for sure will need to do Ragnar Trail – Zion, Utah .. to take in all the beauty!

We were treated to a wonderful dinner Thursday night and I enjoyed amazing food and great company. We all sat around and discussed what Ragnar’s we’ve ran, road and trail, and which ones we could fit into our schedules to run — and which ones we wanted to volunteer at! I cannot get over how kind everyone was, it was so comfortable (not the anxious feeling I had when I walked into the group at all) and the Ragnar staff was amazing, each and everyone .. from running the trails with us, riding the train and walking the streets with us .. taking their time to get to know each of us just a bit and of course sharing their love of what we all knew we loved.

Friday morning was the final day with everyone before we all went our separate ways. We did a few hours of discussing Trail Warrior duties, Q&A’s and open discussion. On our way out we took a tour of the new Ragnar offices — all very cool!


The trip was a huge success .. it went fast like a blink of an eye. I cannot wait until I can run my first Ragnar Trail .. and of course my fourth Ragnar Napa in September!

Grateful I’ve been given the opportunity as a Ragnar Trail Warrior .. and I’m ready to “Make Life More Awesome” everyday!