{un}Track Thursday

Our local high school track isn’t open at 5:15 a.m. – when all the “crazy” runners like to get ‘er done!! So a friend and I make do .. set our Garmin’s and GO (running parallel to the school)! It’s been two weeks back at the “track” and after it’s done — I kinda love it! I say AFTER .. because during — it is just plain tough! On schedule for this week was 6 x 400’s with 90-second RI (recovery intervals) and then repeat 6 x 400’s – with a goal of 1:55 each 400. After each 400 I am hunched over with mixed feelings of wanting to throw-up and screaming inside “when is this over?”.

Track work and speed work in the long run are supposed to pay off with overall conditioning and endurance. For this I will continue .. in hopes of reaping the benefits of both and feel amazing in my next few races.



    • Thanks @Running Rachel .. Can’t wait to run with you soon!!

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