Up Ahead – A Half Marathon .. Another Ultra ..

It’s been two weeks since my first ultra .. and I cannot stop thinking about what 50k’s I can find to run! It’s crazy how I’m looking forward to running more than a marathon .. on the trails! Something about being out in nature running and climbing is so therapeutic and physically challenging. Don’t get me wrong, past 10 miles it usually turns into work .. and sometimes that’s when I feel my body is ready to run. No matter how long it takes! This is a huge, slow, mental change for me. On Saturday we had a few long miles, ugh there was even one 23 minute mile. Sometimes the terrain is not just dirt and a little climbing .. but lots of rock to balance, trek and to pick yourself up from when you slip (yep, one of those miles that you feel you could’ve run 2-3 miles in). Yes and this is what I look forward to .. every time on the trails .. a challenge!


In 5 weeks there is another Ultra 50k I am eyeing, so right now I am living in maintenance mode. I will be running the next few weekends long, but nothing over 22-24 miles (to avoid injury), with a half marathon on the road thrown in the mix. The week after my ultra I ran a few low mileage mid week runs and a weekend 10 miler on the trails. This week I ramped it up a bit and ran what has been an average week of training over the past few months .. including two mid week trail runs and 22 on the trails. Whew! Training is work .. sometimes I wish it was easier.

But before my next ultra .. My next road race is just two weeks away (eeeek). I will be running San Francisco, in the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon. I will admit it’s been a few weeks since running road .. so I’m going into this race for FUN! Fun with friends, my most favorite vegan Mexican restaurant, my favorite city and of course running!

The new few weeks will definitely be a blur! I am going to try to stay focused on strength training, proper nutrition, getting my miles in and of course focus on my crazy household that kind of takes a back seat to all this running madness!

Definitely blessed ..


  1. You are so insane I love it! 🙂 Your passion for running makes me wanna do it too… lol I am NO Yvonne but Ill be happy to do a tiny bit!

    • You’re on the right fit track Naomi! Keep it up girly!

  2. Nice work!!!!

    • Thank you trail runner 😉

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