The Lorna Jane #activelivingachallenge week two ✔️ ..

What I’ve learned this week through this challenge –

I find that when I’m faced with “challenges” or things to share .. it sometimes literally takes me 4 hours to hem and haw over what I want to put out there {really does anyone else do this?}. However, I must say doing these challenges helps me open up a bit more and really think about things that I may not ever take the time to think about .. always a plus!


Week 2

Day 8 Favorite Super Food – New to me superfood Hemp Hearts. I add these plant based protein packed gems to my smoothies and oats. As a vegetarian I’m always looking for plant based proteins to add to my diet.

Day 9 Try Something New – I got out there with my teen boy and hopped on a skateboard (albeit only for a second) .. boy it is harder than it looks!

Day 10 Practice Active Living Daily – I do this daily with running or strength training.

Day 11 – Daily Motivation to #movenourishbelieve – Move daily, Nourish my body with good fuel and Believe I can do what I set my mind to.

Day 12 Favorite Quote – I chose Lorna Jane .. I was at the Roeville Lorna Jane Launch Party and found this in the fitting room ..
“Mirrors are just glass and you are more than that” – Lorna Jane

Oh so true .. I have learned to love my body for what it does not what it looks like (okay, learning daily!).

Day 13 How Do I Get More Out Of Everyday – I use my Erin Condren Life Planner to keep track of my daily activities, goals and notes. I use it for journaling as well.

Day 14 Ultimate Dream Goal – I have so many dream goals .. seriously the list is long and changes daily. I want to live a happy life enjoying what I set my mind to .. personally, physically and with my family being my number one priority.

What a week to reflect on things that my mind may be too busy to stop and think about .. I am a busy mom, wife and an athlete trying to make it it all happen everday! Thanks Lorna Jane for a week of reflection ..