So you may have read or seen some of my social media pics, I am participating as a #sweatpink ambassador in the Lorna Jane and Fit Approach Move Nourish Believe Blogger Challenge. With this three week event comes daily challenges that go along with the Move Nourish Believe philosophy, as well as Lorna Jane’s ..

Lorna’s Philosophy:
MOVE her body every day
NOURISH from the inside out
BELIEVE in herself and that anything is possible if you work hard enough.

I’ve found that on my journey to becoming an “athlete” with every race I sign up for I push myself to do and become more — train harder than I ever have. Not to win first place .. but to be more for ME (inside and out), be an example to my tweens and to try and inspire someone everyday. To me the Move Nourish Believe Challenge and the philosophy behind it seems so fitting on my continuous journey.

Week One: MOVE


Day 1: Sweat-It-Out (favorite way to sweat) I found myself at the gym doing a few rounds of a GPP strength workout with my friend Rachel, of Running Rachel. GPP is new to me and a new favorite, as it has given me strength to train for my first Ultra.

Day 2: Change It Up (sweat a new way) I did not necessarily do something new .. I did something that I haven’t done in over a year and never, ever do after a run. I added a 5-minute yoga routine after my run .. for stretching! With this challenge I will now make it a priority once a week! You can find the routine here Move Nourish Believe Lorna Jane

Day 3: Let’s Get Planking (plank for at least 5 minutes) I did my planking in between my strength training in 1 minute intervals and some during my hill repeat training.

Day 4: Buddy Up (workout with a friend) On Thursdays I meet a few friends for a bright and early sweat session .. running! This week we had much needed rain that accompanied us at 5:15 a.m.

Day 5: Fav Friday (five fitness favorites) I showed off a few of my favorite things. A lot of miles put in on the trails these past few weeks with my Nathan Sports duration vest, Salomon trail running shoes, my go to accessory Sweaty Bands, my Garmin and Tailwind Nutrition for proper hydrating!

I’ve enjoyed this weeks challenges and look forward to next weeks – where it will be all about NOURISH! Sometimes this is the hardest … but I’m up for the challenge Lorna Jane!


  1. Yvonne, you continue to inspire me in my own journey. That you for sharing!

    • Thanks Heather 🙂 you are one amazing woman !!

    • Thanks Heather ❤️

  2. You are always doing something cool! Thought of you as I did something new to me….went on my 4 mile walk even though it was raining. Would not have done that a year ago. Wasn’t so bad 😉

    • Belina my friend … That’s my girl! I cannot wait to be at SF RNR with you ❤️!! Proud of you!!

  3. Yvonne, nice to see another Lorna Jane challenger. I am so looking forward to the Nourish week, I can’t wait 🙂

    • Thanks Lynda! I can’t wait either!

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