Working It Out (Strength .. Running) Perfectly Imperfect

One week back to consistent strength training and running and boy I can feel it .. in a good, sore, muscles worked way!

Amazing how once you (I) do something that you feel good about can make you feel strong .. like, immediately! Is it me .. or does everyone feel 10x more muscle after a good workout .. ha, only dreaming!! Whatever it takes to give me a boost and keep me motivated ..

Right now I’m enjoying my GPP – Summer Shred workouts through Bobbi at NHerShoes .. and oh boy can Bobbi put together a great week of moments of “I am so strong!” and “I am completely out of shape!” at the same time! Loving it! Thanks Bobbi for that smile and motivation through your videos :)!

In all seriousness .. one day my “athlete” body and mind will take shape and be happy together. This would be huge for me if they were in synch .. I know, I know always a work in progress .. Working it out and learning to be happy with perfectly imperfect!


In the meantime .. I will keep hitting the dirt, road .. and floor for more muscle building burpees and miles .. and loving every sore muscle I feel!


  1. Way to go!! You are getting stronger…. both physically and mentally! 😉

    • Mentally for me is one of the hardest .. thanks Rachel ❤️

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